About Natasha

Every successful artist finds a niche. NATASHA’s specialty is creating custom designed contemporary floorcloths and multi-media wallcloths. A goal at NATASHA is to work with clients to produce for them truly singular and personal works of art.

600MagPictureText from an article published in Northshore LifeStyle by Debora Brenegan, photograph by Thomas MacDonald

“Bayside’s Natalie Browne-Gutnik is an artist known for her colorful floor and wall cloths, and has introduced many a client to the wonders of the rainbow. “My primary colors are red, purple and yellow,” she said. “Everything I do is very bright.” Her art can be found adorning areas as small as the spot in front of a kitchen sink to huge expanses of curved walls in contemporary homes and businesses.”

“Flexibility is one of the greatest advantages of her wall cloths, as they can hug any shaped wall and can fit into almost any area. The floor cloths are reminiscent of cloths that many families owned before the likes of carpeting and linoleum became popular. Meant to be viewed from any angle, the cloths are colorful and waterproof. “By the time a floor cloth is done, normally there are at least twenty coats of paint and varnish on the canvas and there has been a combined chemical drying time of about four months,” she said.”

“Ah, go ahead. Experiment. Reach for that color wheel and point to something! A great piece of art, yellow walls, floor cloths, wall cloths, purple counters, maybe an orange rug. The options are endless if you dare to step outside of the box.”

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